Health Promotion and Advocacy Center

Welcome to the Health Promotion and Advocacy Center’s booking page.

As of January 31, 2022, HPAC will default to virtual meetings through Zoom. Please expect a separate email with the audio, video, or chat conferencing link. If you would like to meet with a staff member in person, please email that staff member to coordinate a day/time to meet.

Please read descriptions for each staff member carefully. If you book an appointment for a service that the particular staff person does not provide or have training in, your appointment may be cancelled. HPAC does not provide walk-in crisis appointments. Please contact AUProtoCall, AUPD or 911 if this is an emergency

All appointment times are in EST

If none of the listed times works with your schedule, please email or the person you wish to meet with for special accommodations.

Michelle Dagne

Coordinator for Victim Advocacy Services, Primary OASIS Advocate

Michelle will be out 7/14/2022 - 7/17/2022 and 7/20/2022 - 7/25/2022

On Campus: Mondays
Virtual/Remote: Tuesday - Friday

Make an appointment with Michelle if you are looking for…
- Confidential victim advocacy (for survivors or friends)
- Questions about Title IX, criminal justice reporting, or protection/protective orders
- Title IX accompaniment
- Referrals to community and specialized resources
- Self-care planning meeting
- Psychoeducation about trauma, healing, & relationships
- Alcohol incident/transport meeting

Natalie Price

Health Educator

** Office Closed Memorial Day- Monday, May 30th**

On Campus: Tuesdays
Virtual/Remote: Mondays, Wednesday-Friday

Make an appointment with Natalie if you are looking for:
- Collaboration with HPAC or the Peer Health Educators
- Tabling events or general outreach programs
- Marketing or social media inquiries

NOTE: If you would like to submit a program request for a Peer Health Education program, please email