Health Promotion and Advocacy Center

All HPAC Meetings are currently being held on virtual platforms. Please expect a separate email with the audio, video, or chat conferencing link. If you do not receive one, please email the staff member you will be meeting with.

All appointment times are in Eastern time

The Health Promotion and Advocacy Center team is comprised of professional staff with expertise in a variety of topics. From sexual health, to sleep hygiene, healthy relationships, and substance use, we are passionate about applying our holistic approach to supporting and advancing the well-being of students and the entire campus community.

Note: Please read through each staff member’s descriptions to find the most appropriate person for your needs!

Pritma ("Mickey") Irizarry

Director of the Health Promotion and Advocacy Center
(she, her, hers)

Make an appointment with Mickey if you are looking for…
- General information about HPAC and our services
- Media Inquiries
- Collaboration with HPAC or Peer Health Educators
- 1-on-1 consultations for sexual health, reproductive health, contraceptive options, or sleep health
- Information & referrals related to substance use, conduct sanctions, and recovery programs.

NOTE: If you would like to submit a program request for a Peer Health Education program, please email

Michelle Dagne

Coordinator for Victim Advocacy Services, Primary OASIS Advocate
(she, her, hers)

Make an appointment with Michelle if you are looking for…
- Confidential victim advocacy (for survivors or friends)
- Questions about Title IX, criminal justice reporting, or protection/protective orders
- Title IX accompaniment
- Referrals to community and specialized resources
- Self-care appointments